Publisher's Prospective

Make Sure We Are Counted
By Sullivan Robinson
Executive Director Congress of
National Black Churches

    Census 2000 is our chance to make sure that the new century begins with an accurate and complete picture of the African-American community.  An accurate census is vital to our economic well-being.  In order to ensure our fair share of federal, state, and local funds everyone must be counted.  We cannot allow anyone in our communities to be overlooked.

    Billions of dollars of federal, state and local funds will be spent on thousands of projects in cities and communities across our nation.  How and where that money is spent depends on the census numbers.  If African-American communities continue to be undercounted, we will continue to receive less than our fair share of funding for education, health care, job training and business development.

    Government funding decisions depend on an accurate response to census questions about our children, the elderly, the unemployed, underemployed, and the homeless.  It depends on every single person in our communities being counted.

    Census 2000 is the largest peace-time mobilization in U. S. history.  About 860,000 workers will be needed to reach an anticipated 275 million people across the United States.  We and our churches are needed to make it a success.

    Your contacts, your knowledge, your concern about the community are the keys to an accurate census.  Please spread the word about the importance of the census.  Reassure others that the information collected in the census is confidential and is protected by federal law.  This law prohibits any information provided by an individual on a census questionnaire from being released to any other agency.

    Write articles, speak to friends and co-workers, post Census 2000 flyers in strategic locations or include them in mailings or newsletters in the organization where you are a member.  Promoting the census promotes the well-being of our communities.

    The Census Bureau will also be recruiting candidates for census taker positions in our neighborhoods.  So also spread the word about census jobs to your family, friends, and associates.  It takes over 860,000 workers to do the census.

    For further information about census jobs contact one of the following Census Bureau regional centers: Atlanta (404) 331-0573; Boston (617)424-4977; Charlotte (704)344-6621; Chicago (312)353-9697; Dallas (214)655-3060; Detroit (248)967-9524; Kansas City (816)801-2020; Los Angeles (818)904-6522; New York City (212)597-7702/03; Philadelphia (215)597-8313; and Seattle (206)553-5882.

    Sisters and Brothers in Christ as we approach the 2000 Census, it is vital that we remind the African-American community the importance of being Counted during the 2000 Census.

    Our contributing writers this quarter are Dr. C. K. Henry, Rev. Dale Clem, Rev. John H. Robinson and General Secretary/Publisher Rev. William E. George.

    May God grant you peace that pass all understanding as you study Paul's letters to the Corinthian church.

Peace Be With You!

Reverend William E. George

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